Colab Campout |


APRIL 20-23, 2023



CoLab Campout

With YOUR help we can make CoLab Campout a 150 participant, 3.5 day, village building immersive experience! Retreat design with a micro-festival vibe. Participants are ushered through a 4 pillar hands-on experience consisting of InnerWork, OuterWork, Transformation, and Celebration.

CoLab is where Earth Lovers, Impact Leaders, Change-Makers, Artists, Musicians, Community Organizers, and beautiful souls come together to create the empowering and regenerative reality we all wish to see!

Featured Collaborator

Lucid University is a collective of dreamers, artists, healers, leaders, and earth guardians, committed to creating immersive educational experiences in a village setting. Incubated from within Lucidity Festival over the last four years, Lucid University works with land based projects to provide immersive experiences. Lucid University offers CoLab amazing interactive hands-on learning experiences. 

A Magical Experience of Co-Creation 


The Colab Campout Experience Has

4 Main Pillars 

Inner Work

Nourish  yourself with mediation, yoga, lakeside lounging and a self care journey, with daily group practices that are sure to inspire you to dive deeper, leave you nourished and well rested.


During the first couple days of the CoLab Campout our focus for day time activities on Outerwork.


As we journey together to create this event we transform ourselves and the possibility of what we think we can do alone.  Our collective vision and intention will be a strong focus for the weekend.


As with all work done well, there is always much to celebrate.  We come together to share in our inter-dependance, to celebrate community, health, and our shared interest in creating a world that works for all living things.

Happy Campers

Hi hi!! I have spent the past few days processing and reintegrating from such a beautifully transformative experience!!! So much love and gratitude for what was and is being created. So grateful for ALL of you and for such a sacred, beautiful space. Thank you Heartlanders for this incredible vision and for allowing all of us to share and contribute to the manifestation!! Forever grateful and full of love ❤️❤️❤️ Feeling inspired, deeply held, and connected. -Rose Miller

Oh dear Heartland family, my cup is still flowing over from last weekend. The campout was such a magical experience and I feel deeply nourished from the connections I experienced. I’m really in awe of the beauty of the container created. Highlights for me were the monkey chant with Paradox Pollack, waking at dawn in front of the altar to the sound of Amae Loveblessing us up on the limo stage by the water, and eating pizza Tuesday night from the cob oven that was built THAT WEEKEND!!!!! You’re really creating something incredibly magical up there, and I am stoked to support you in this vision. Huge thanks for putting your heart and Souls into this event. What’s next!!!???? Loving you  -Kelly Luna


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