2020 Sponsors | Colab Campout

2020 Sponsors


Lucid University – Thank you for your contribution!


About the Sponsorship Program

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CoLab Campout’s main goals are to get back to our roots of village building, to collaboratively build real structures and to explore ourselves and each other as we work together. The result we are shooting for is a feeling of actual Transformation. It is our transformation that we LOVE to celebrate. This is why the 4 pillars of CoLab Campout are OuterWork, InnerWork, Transformation, and Celebration.

CoLab Campout is not fueled by any outside investor. We rely on the support of sponsors and participants to make CoLab Campout possible. Our budget is VERY tight and small, but if enough people arrive we share the profits so that artists, and collaborators get paid a bit more for their support.

Having an event like this is not easy work, and everyone collaborating to make this happen are deep in service to this vision.

If this is exciting for you, we are calling for more sponsors now. Our sponsor packages allow us to provide free or subsidized tickets to Change-makers, Kids, and add more diversity opportunities.

In addition to financial support for the production we are seeking food, products, and partnerships that will help us ensure filling our 200 person event.

We hope you can join us!

Meet the FounderĀ 

Anders has a deep passion for collaboration and sees that it is our only way we as a species can survive. Since his late teens he’s always been thinking big and up to something spectacular. He is also a co-founder of the Heartland Collective, which is the property host for CoLab Campout. He is a maker of magic, a leader, and how he does what he does in the hours he is provided is deeply inspiring. He also wants to meet you, and is super grateful you are coming!