4 Pillars | Colab Campout

CoLab Campout is a collaborative experience where participants have the opportunity to learn new skills, dive deep into themselves, transform their lives, and celebrate together.

CoLab Campout is a curated experience designed to evoke hope for our future. The journey takes participants through a 4 pillar adventure of OuterWork, InnerWork, Transformation, and Celebration.


Learn something new! Most of the attention that we give to our work goes to things that are external to who we are as individuals. The OuterWork we do at CoLab Campout is about developing village building skills. It is designed to push your limits, it is designed to challenge your abilities. OuterWork provides us great opportunities to collaborate with others as well as team building & leadership skill development. Every year we explore various types of OuterWork. One of the main goals of CoLab Campout’s Outer Work learning tracks is to invite participants to further the cultivation and sense of meaning and purpose in their own home lives and work.



At its most fundamental level, inner work is the attention to and cultivation of one’s inner life. To do our inner work is to become familiar with the world within. It is to continue to grow and develop emotionally, psychologically, interpersonally, spiritually, and creatively. It is to tend to the wounds of the past, which are the inevitable result of living and loving, and to seek healing for them. 

The evenings of CoLab Campout offer various group activities that present InnerWork opportunities.


As participants enter into the various OuterWork & InnerWork opportunities Transformation naturally begins to take shape. Everything that exists is an image in the imagination before it is ever realized in physical form, this is the process of Transformation. The quality of our imagination determines the quality of whatever we produce. This truth has important social and cultural implications. As we journey together to create this event we transform ourselves and the possibility of what we think we can do alone.

At CoLab Campout Transformation is an ongoing topic of discussion and personal exploration. OuterWork, InnerWork, relationship building, great music and dance are an incredible formula for long term transformation.


OuterWork, InnerWork, and Transformation is work well done. Our CoLab Campout culture CELEBRATES this process, and we do that really well!

As humans, we also know that celebration provides motivation.  Celebrating reminds us of why we are pursuing our goals in the first place. Celebration builds energy and provides a time of reflection. CoLab Campout collaborates with amazing musicians to inspire participants to dance! After the OuterWork & InnerWork days of Friday and Saturday, the Celebration begins on the evening of Saturday and lasts until Sunday’s sunset closing ceremony. Oh, and did you know that CoLab Campout is lake front? During the hottest parts of the days and all day Sunday; playing, swimming, and frolocking in the lake are core themes of our Celebration pillar!