About | Colab Campout

Our Story 

For more and more people, the mainstream lifestyle sold to us growing up is not a viable path to a happy life. The stress & anxiety that many people carry is not leading us to the lives filled with joy and purpose. Music & art events are a great way to escape life’s challenges. It’s also fun and a really good idea to incorporate workshops, yoga, and meditation to assist our transformation. Transformational festivals have been around for decades, and we feel CoLab Campout is a collaborative experience, offering culture a new level of transformation.

CoLab Campout is a curated experience designed to evoke hope for our future.

CoLab Campout is an intimate gathering designed to keep our participants on a journey of growth together. The waste of resources and the unsustainable ecological impact of large events do not foster long term regeneration. It is also clear that people do not fully understand the economics behind festivals, and we’d like to OpenSource all of what we are doing so we can truly invite full transparent collaboration. We also love to have a great time, but many days of late night music and non-productive and unconnected activity is not in alignment with what we perceive to be a transformational event.

Collaborating to build a regenerative future together.

Learning, meeting, and connecting with activated action oriented community is what we envision the draw to be. Yes, CoLab Campout will also have great entertainment…that’s a given. You’ll probably be blown away, but we want you to come because this collaborative village building work is vital to creating possibilities of human thrival way beyond existence in chaos. CoLab Campout is designed to showcase what collaboration on offgrid life can offer. CoLab Campout is an event model that we envision bringing to help build intentional communities all over the world. Your purchase of a ticket is your vote to help us make this a reality. Check out the Heartland Collective, to see our lake front home-base location.  The main goals are to get back to our roots of village building, to collaboratively build real structures and to explore ourselves and each other as we work together so that we can show up more as the beings we truly are.

The result we are shooting for is a feeling of actual Transformation. It is our transformation that we LOVE to celebrate. This is why the 4 pillars of CoLab Campout are OuterWork, InnerWork, Transformation, and Celebration. CoLab Campout is not fueled by any outside investor. If we break even, the artists get paid more and we actually invest more money into the event so it becomes even better for all of the participants that come (that’s you). This makes YOU the investor. Having an event of this caliber is not easy work, and everyone collaborating to make this happen are deep in service to this vision. We make tickets cheaper early to help motivate sales. It’s also good for you to know that last minute ticket purchase is not helping us make this experience better for you. If this is exciting for you, we are calling for your support now. Commit to joining us. Grab a ticket, and invite your friends so you can carpool to get here. We hope you can join us!

Meet the Founder 

Anders has a deep passion for collaboration and sees that it is our only way we as a species can survive. Since his late teens he’s always been thinking big and up to something spectacular. He is also a co-founder of the Heartland Collective, which is the property host for CoLab Campout. He is a maker of magic, a leader, and how he does what he does in the hours he is provided is deeply inspiring. He also wants to meet you, and is super grateful you are coming!