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CoLab Campout is a radical collaboration experiment. It is a showcase of regenerative life in-action. Ticket prices are very affordable to offer full participation inclusivity. Our event budget is very slim, and our event operation relies on various volunteers for most support positions.

We have pre-event opportunities, event build opportunities, many on-site opportunities, and post-event strike positions available.


Please see below for links to the various applications we have open:



Do you like social media? Have you dabbled in marketing or maybe you are already a marketing ninja? If you dig CoLab and love marketing, APPLY NOW to grab one of our online marketing support roles. Trade your time for a couple of months of super part-time support to earn a free ticket, or join us in the marketing trenches to sell out CoLab until opening day and receive as many perks as we can invent to stoke you out! 

Meet the Founder 

Anders has a deep passion for collaboration and sees that it is our only way we as a species can survive. Since his late teens he’s always been thinking big and up to something spectacular. He is also a co-founder of the Heartland Collective, which is the property host for CoLab Campout. He is a maker of magic, a leader, and how he does what he does in the hours he is provided is deeply inspiring. He also wants to meet you, and is super grateful you are coming!