Changemaker | Colab Campout

Join the Collaboration!

We at CoLab Campout do our best each year to produce a diverse and inclusive experience for all attendees that is warm and inviting.

In honor of those efforts, Nov 17, 2019 we will launch our Change-Maker Initiative Campaign in which we will be selling a limited amount of Immersion tickets for a base cost / discounted price of  only $111 that grants access to the entire immersion plus 10 amazing meals!

People eligible for this discounted participation price are, impact leaders, and individuals who belong to marginalized demographics.

Our intention is to make CoLab Campout a place of convergence for Change-Makers, and to cultivate an atmosphere that is supportive of mutli-cultural, multi-generational, and alternatively identifying people.  We embrace all aspects of community, because we know it takes everyone’s participation in the efforts of cultivating a more just and regenerative future for all. 

The Change-Maker Initiative will be active Nov 17, 2019 – January 1, 2020If you, or anyone you know is identified as part of 1 or more marginalized demographic(s) such as POC, Queer, Native, Immigrant or otherwise, please keep your eye out to apply by January 1st!

If you or anyone you know is a Social/Environmental Impact leader, or identifies as a Change-Maker, because you are involved in or leading projects that promote a regenerative and just future for all,  please fill out the application survey and apply!

Seeing as how CoLab Campout has a maximum capacity of 200 people, we are going to have people apply for these Change-Maker passes, and tell us why they think they should receive the discount!

If you lead or are involved in a meaningful impact project and we select you, we will be promoting you on our platforms in between now and the Immersion! We will be selecting recipients weekly between now and January 1st, so get your submissions in, or make sure your friends do, by making them aware of this awesome opportunity!

We also know EVERYONE that comes to CoLab Campout is a Changemaker, and if you are able to afford the full price ticket & donate a Changemaker sponsorship we would be honored to identify the recipient of your scholarship through the application process. 

Click on button below to apply. We look forward to collaborating with you, click on link below to fill out an application.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

– Oprah Winfrey