Collaborator | Colab Campout

Join us for CoLab Campout 2018 as a Collaborator!

At CoLab Campout, we don’t have “volunteers” we have a Collaborators.

So, what does it mean to be a Collaborator?

We just ask for 12 hours of support in the months leading up to CoLab Campout, or for build, during, or after the event. As long as there are still spaces to fill in any category you choose, that’s where we will ask for your support.

We have less than 50 Collaborator slots available, so please grab your Collaborator pass today.

After we get your commitment, we will send an additional survey which offers the various ways you can support our event.


One of our goals is to make CoLab Camput regenerative on all levels. Other festivals ask for 20+ hours from their volunteers and this leaves many volunteers overworked and uninspired. So we want you to feel regenerated by just asking for 12 hours. We also see your support as a HUGE collaborative effort, that’s why we call you Collaborators.

We also have A LOT of expenses to cover, plus we want to give back to the land so a small $49 per person impact fee helps us keep the event regenerative.


The 12 hour commitment can be met by completing two 6-hour shifts before, during or after the Campout. Alternative arrangements to contribute are also available. As a Collaborator everyone also has an expectation that you will collaborate to help us share something on your personal social media pages at least once a month to help us make CoLab Campout a successful regenerative event.


This is CoLab, and we want to inspire you to help us NOW. No matter how many tickets we end up selling, we will all have an amazing time, but it’s vital for you to know that our event model is different! If we sell more tickets, we add even more awesome entertainment to the experience. And the best way to help us achieve this is through your support!

We created a system you can use so EVERY COLAB post you make counts for 10 min of your Collaborator commitment. That means that you could technically share 72 posts about CoLab to completely cover your Collaborator work responsibilities!


We make it fun! We also invite our Collaborators to become our Marketing Ninjas. All Collaborators get access to a special page with images, text, video’s, and marketing snippets you can use to easily share about CoLab Campout. There are only 250 tickets being sold, why not make at least a handful your buddies?

  1. All Collaborators are given a unique promo code to track their activity
  2. Users of the promo code get a $10 discount on their CoLab ticket
  3. For every ticket sold you get a free $10 meal ticket
  4. If you sell 10 tickets, you get a Bell Tent accommodation UPGRADE (BYO bedding) PLUS a full meal plan covering 9 meal passes.


  –  On-site camping is available to Collaborators free of charge beginning Th. April 25th at 12PM.
  –  If you are volunteering prior to April 25th, separate instructions will be sent.
* Car Camping will be an extra fee
  ** Additional shifts can be provided upon request


Collaborators will receive one meal pass per shift. It is up to the Collaborators to bring money to purchase additional meals and snacks as desired. Comfortable closed-toed shoes are required for all Collaborator shifts.  We suggest you bring the following: Tent, a reusable water bottle, snacks, a chair, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, a headlamp with extra batteries, and warm clothes. Tents will not be provided.