Learn the Best Way to CoLab | Colab Campout

Here is our pricing for our 2019 event. Learning, meeting, and connecting with activated action-oriented community is what we envision the draw to be. We invite you to come because this collaborative village building work is vital to creating possibilities of human thrival way beyond existence in chaos.

CoLab Campout is a festival model that we envision bringing to help build intentional communities all over the world. Your purchase of a ticket is your vote to help us make this a reality, and doing it now…really helps out the planning process. It’s actually one of the BEST ways you can collaborate.

Our presenters and artists basically donate their time to help us learn. We have basic budgets to handle expenses, but they do this because the vision is really important. We also keep our ticket prices really low so access to our event is accessible for most people. Our model is also really unique because if we sell more tickets, we add more entertainment for you, and the artists and presenters get paid a more fair wage for their service.

It’s all really based on selling 250 tickets, and the faster we can do that the less stress our production team has and the higher value event we can offer.

Having an event of this caliber is not easy work, and everyone collaborating to make this happen are deep in service to this vision. If this is exciting for you, we are calling for your support now. Commit to joining us, save some money on a ticket now.