Outer Work | Colab Campout

Fire Hazards to Food Forests; A Path to Paradise

with SamYol SoulFyre

We will continue the food forest path to the lake at Heartland, transforming local fire hazard wood & brush into a trench of fertile, water saving soil for the fruit trees.

Participants will learn the most important knowledge needed to transform the problems of fire hazards into delicious & healthy food for areas with dry summers and wildfire dangers. This is an interactive presentation of Samyol’s E-book, “Fire Hazards to Food Forests”.

We will learn by layering the necessary materials and planting these food forests, hands on. This is a great opportunity to ask Samyol any questions about how he captures, cleans and conserves rain water in these revolutionary earthworks, and you will also see previous successful examples.

Mobile MicroGreens; Grow Fresh Food Anywhere!

with Samyol SoulFyre

Grow healthy fresh food without access to large pieces of land with Microgreens! We will create trays of Microgreens from seeds that are easily obtained from grocery stores, and learn how to sprout these mobile, nutrient-rich foods anywhere in the world.

Composting, Anywhere! Transform Trash into Treasure

With Samyol Soulfyre

Another important topic for our modern world – how to transform organic food waste into valuable fertilizer and soil – or at least prevent it from adding to the problems of landfills!

We will use the food waste from the coLab campout event to put this education into action right away!

Samyol will demonstrate and explain the various techniques to safely & cleanly compost anywhere in the world, collaborating with chickens, worm bins and compost piles.

NESTs (New Earth Story Temples)

with Samyol SoulFyre

Nesting is a community and team building art form of connection that allows people’s natural creative flow and gifts to emerge my grounding and listening to the whispers and songs of the elements.